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Here at ETP Enterprises we have been looking forward to creating a place where all writers will feel welcome. This is where you can find help with your writing, whether you write for your own blog or other publication, you are a freelance writer or whether you are a new or published novelist. If we can help even one person get their book published, increase traffic to their website or get into freelance writing, we would have succeeded in our goal. We have some big plans for this website. However, we have learnt over the past few years to start by taking baby steps. So bear with us as we're working hard on making as much help available to writers as we possibly can. When you register to receive our free newsletter, you will see that you have an option available to register a free website with ETP Enterprises. This is a completely free service to all our members. You don't have to know anything about setting up a website when you start. The tutorials we are currently working on will guide you each step of the way. If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the website or any other service we can incorporate that will be helpful to other writers, please let us know. We're interested in hearing from you what kind of help we can make available.

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hope knows your name cover

Hope Knows Your Name

Book: Hope Knows Your Name Author: Christie Musso Genre: Motivational, Spiritual Christie Musso, author of Hope Knows Your Name, was labelled a loser as a child. A survivor of emotional, sexual and physical abuse, which caused her to struggle with low self-worth, she
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Google update mobile friendly

21 April is Mobilegeddon with Another Google Update

Another Google algorithm update is upon us and although I haven't found an official name for it anywhere, Mobilegeddon seems to describe it perfectly. This  Google update is all about Mobile Friendly Search We are all aware that mobile devices like smartphones
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buying facebook likes and twitter followers

I’m not Buying Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers!

The year had barely started and already I'm fighting the same old battles again. And one of the main battles I have been fighting since 2014 has been the one against my various inboxes, news feeds and comment areas filling
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Secret Keepers and Skinny Shadows by Mary Russell

Secret Keepers and Skinny Shadows

Book: Secret Keepers and Skinny Shadows Author: Mary A. Russell Genre: Mystery / Thriller When Bert Grayson was found murdered in a dark alley with his throat slit, the case was quickly closed due to a lack of evidence. A drinker and a
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difference between website or blog

Which is Best for Your Business? A Website or Blog?

There seems to be some confusion as to the difference between a blog and a website. Many people refer to all websites as blogs and to all blogs as websites. But this is wrong, as there is a clear and
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Social media has become an integral part of marketing. Whether you are marketing your book or affiliate products on your blog, having a social media strategy can greatly enhance whatever marketing strategy you have. But then it needs to be done correctly.

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As a content marketer you will need to be able to write. As a writer, you will need to learn about content marketing in order to market your own work. This is where you will learn all about what to dos and don'ts of content marketing.


With more books being published than ever before, more and more people are self publishing their books. Whether you are looking to self publish or want ETP Enterprises to publish your book for you, this is where you will find help.


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