Generosity day 2013 badgesValentine’s Day is almost here. Thinking about something to write about ways of making this day special, I happened upon a blog written by Sasha Dichter. The idea is to take Valentine’s Day and turn it into Generosity Day. I found the idea inspiring and it brought back memories of a time when I desperately needed some generosity and it came from the most unexpected source.

We had just moved to a different city, far away from all our friends and family. My husband at the time was working on a big project at work and I was home alone with our three young girls a lot. At the time I did not have my own car and the town did not have any kind of public transport. Our house was far from others, so I was stuck at home all day, every day.

I became severely depressed and one morning I woke up and just prayed, “God, please show me today that I am not completely alone and forgotten.”

I started my day and did everything I normally did for my three daughter. It was still early morning when there was a knock at the door. A knock at the door was something that had never happened at that house since we moved in two months earlier and my three girls and I sat at the breakfast table just staring at each other.

When the person knocked again, I got up and told my children to stay in the kitchen. I opened the door and in front of me stood a woman I had met at church. In her hands she held a bunch of flowers, tied with a bow. She told me she was in a bit of a hurry so she did not have time for a visit. She just thought of me that morning, got our address from the church office and brought me the flowers.

Even though she did not have time to stay for a visit, that morning the generosity shown to me by Lilian Viviers saved me. To others it might seem small but to me it brought about a changing day in my life.

Lilian changed my life with a bunch of flowers and a few kind words. What is there that you can do on 14 February (or any other day) that may seem insignificant to you but may mean the world to someone else? Give someone a flower, help a mom with her unruly children, buy someone a cup of coffee or visit a lonely stranger in hospital. The list of things you can do is endless.

Please, take part in making this Valentine’s Day a Generosity Day. You can write your ideas for Generosity Day in the comments below.


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