Mobile AppsMobile applications, or mobile apps as it is more commonly known, is a term used to describe internet applications that is used on smartphones and other mobile devices like an iPad. Most internet services we use on our desktop, laptop or notebook computers, cannot readily be accessed by mobile devices without some tweaks being made to the programs these services are written in. And this is where mobile applications come in. They usually help users by making it easier to use the internet on their portable devices. A Mobile App may be a mobile web site bookmarking utility, a mobile-based instant messaging client, e-mail for your mobile, and many other applications.

Understanding Mobile Apps

If you have an iPad or any type of smartphone you will be working with mobile apps. These applications are available for you to download. Some are free of charge and others you will have to pay for.

For the iPad you will need an iTunes account. Without it you cannot download Apps for your iPad. When downloading your Apps, you will be prompted for a password. This may be a bit of an irritation but it is a good thing, since it shows that Apple has tight screening processes. The benefit of these top-notch screening processes means that your App will not turn into a malware nightmare as soon as you have downloaded it.

If your mobile device makes use of Android technology you will have more choice as to where you want to download your Apps from. Android Market is a very popular one. Because it is not as restrictive as Apple, you will need to be more vigilant in checking the credibility of the sites you download from. You can do this by checking for user feedback and reviews. If you fail to do this, you might end up with unwanted eyes looking at your private information with the malware you installed along with some untrustworthy Apps.

Some Apps you probably already have but will (probably) never need

Some of the commonly known Apps you might use, will check the weather for you even before you get out of bed, help you find information about what you can do in and around town or even help you keep track of your exercise program. One of the Apps we love to use, connects us to the local pizza place where we can order our pizza through the App and then just go and pick it up at the time specified on our order. The youngsters love to play the games available in the App stores.

Some Strange Things Out There

The Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play can sometimes have some really strange Apps. Just look at our list. And if you decide to download all of them, please make sure you make an appointment with a reputable mental health professional for a check-up! (Just a thought because we care about our readers.) Bowel Mover Pro ( iPhone/iPad)Mobile Applications

If you have ever watched Dr Oz you will know that everything comes down to poo. So maybe tracking your bowel movements is a great way to check your health on a day-to-day basis. This app will help you track what you eat and how it turned into a bowel movement. You can e-mail your charts to your doctor. And we would rather not elaborate on the bonus feature for this app!

Bush Shoot-Out (You can get this one for free on Android)

We guess it does not take a genius to know that this is a shooting game. But it is not your normal Doom-style first-person shooter. You are President George Bush and the White House has been infiltrated by bad guys. An assault rifle pops out of the desk in the Oval Office and you start shooting down bad guys like you were your own SWAT Team. We do not know if this game is mocking Bush or turning him into a hero. But it is a fun game anyway.

Demotivational Pics+ (iPhone/iPad)

Demotivational Pics+ takes the idea of pictures with bad captions to an extreme by providing daily pictures with the idea of making you feel pretty much terrible about everything. But from our experience if it does not leave you completely untouched, you usually end up doubled over in laughter.

Nose Candy (Android)

This is also known as the Charlie Sheen App. There are certain things that you can get on Android that Apple with its strict rules would never approve. This would probably be one of those. The concept is simple (and only an idiot will probably find it entertaining). Cut up some fake cocaine and pretend to sniff it. There are five levels of difficulty and the phone vibrates when you reach the proper level of intoxication. We know, we know. Who would ever?

Game for Cats (iPad)

This app proudly proclaims itself to be ‘the first interspecies game on the App Store’. The game starts with two levels. There is a laser pointer that your cat can chase around the screen and of course a mouse. You will need to pay a small amount to fully unlock the mouse level. You can also buy and upgrade to move the laser pointer on the iPad with your iPhone (otherwise it moves automatically). Once your cat catches the laser pointer dot or mouse, it accumulates points which you can share with a leader board or on Facebook and Twitter. Now your cat can be in competition with your best friend’s cat without ever setting eyes on each other.

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