Google update mobile friendly

Another Google algorithm update is upon us and although I haven’t found an official name for it anywhere, Mobilegeddon seems to describe it perfectly.

Google mobile friendly update

This  Google update is all about Mobile Friendly Search

We are all aware that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular every day for use in internet searches. Every time I look at the analytics on my websites, I see search from mobile devices showing steady growth. Now Google has reacted to this tendency by having a thorough look at mobile friendly websites.

Google Gives an A+ to Mobile Friendly Websites

On Tuesday, 21 April Google will be rolling out a new algorithm. For the first time their algorithm will be looking at mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.

In short, make sure that your website looks good on mobile devices!

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you are sure to lose Google ranking against those websites that can easily be searched and read on any mobile device.

Google released a statement about this update with some helpful links that can help you get your website mobile-friendly before Mobilegeddon strikes.

Mobile Themes for Dummies Like Me

If you are anything like me, website coding is a headache you would rather avoid. But my websites don’t look too bad, do they?

My secret (although I guess it’s not so secret after all) lies in using WordPress. I have tried a variety of other programs; I even learned some basic coding. But every time I come back to WordPress.

With Mobilegeddon looming I have never been happier about this. Since WordPress uses plugins that are very useful – especially if you need a feature on your website but you have no idea how to code it – it makes me look a lot more clever than I actually am. And for mobile friendliness I needed to look no further than the WordPress Jetpack plugin.

Jetpack and Mobile Friendliness

The WordPress Jetpack plugin has a variety of features. From Custom CSS to website statistics, Jetpack does it all for me. So it was no wonder when I heard about the 21 April Google update that Jetpack already solved the question of mobile friendliness for me.

When you activate the Jetpack plugin on your WordPress site, make sure you activate the Mobile Theme. This then allows Jetpack to convert your website with a mobile theme on any mobile device. Your website is now mobile friendly without you having to sit and code for hours.

When you have a look at your new mobile friendly website you will see that it’s simplistic in design without losing style or effect.

Go on, get your website ready for the Google update and be friendly to all mobile users – you will be glad you did.

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