Publishing has become an essential service to all businesses. Gone are the days when only writers who sit in dusty rooms, typing on rickety old typewriters needed the services of an established publisher. Today, every entrepreneur wanting to establish a trusted brand, needs a good publisher who can deliver publishing services in a timely and trustworthy manner.

I Have a Small Business. Why Will I Need Publishing Services?

It doesn’t matter if a business is big or small, digitization has leveled the playing field so that anyone can now compete. But in order to compete with some of the major players, you have to establish a brand that can be recognized and trusted by both existing and potential clients. And this is where publishing comes in.

In order to become a trusted brand that will motivate clients to buy, you need to convince them that you are top of mind in your industry. Publishing is a sure-fire way to do this.

By publishing white papers, ebooks and printed books, you don’t only spread the word about your product or service but you will become known as the expert authority in your industry.

I’m Not a Writer? How Can a Publisher Help Me?

You don’t have to be an excellent writer to get a book published. It is enough for you to know your business – you ┬ácan leave the writing to the experts that know how to write.

Among the services a good publishing house will offer, is ghost-writing. When you have a ghost-writer (usually a freelance copywriter) then you will be asked to supply some information or resources the writer can use to gather enough information. The writer will then use this information to compile your book or other document you require.

A word of caution: find a first language copywriter with a proven track record. You have a right to ask for examples of their work and references. An experienced copywriter will have a portfolio of their work you can look at to see that you are satisfied with their style of writing. Especially in the case of a ghost-writer, it’s your name that’s going to appear on the book. So if you use someone who isn’t really proficient in the language you are publishing in, it can do a lot of damage to your reputation.

I Have a Completed Manuscript. What Now?

If you decided to go the route of doing your own writing, you will have a manuscript. Once your manuscript is completed, you need various publishing services:

  • Proofreading
  • Cover Design
  • Book Formatting
  • ISBN Registration
  • Publishing – both in print and digital format
  • Marketing and Distribution

How Do I Keep Control of My Own Work?

It doesn’t matter what publishing services you use, ensure that you always keep complete control. Since publishing is such an important aspect of your branding, it’s important that you have enough control so that when it looks like your publisher is starting to follow their brand more than yours, you can get things on track again to where you want it to be.

A good way to ensure control over every aspect of your publishing journey, is to have it in your contract. Think of every possible scenario and how it could encroach on your rights. Safeguarding your rights with the publishing of any material that belongs to you is not only your right but your duty.

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