6 days, horror novel, Steve Hemingsworth

Book: 6 Days

Author: Steve Hemingsworth

Genre: Horror

6 days, horror novel, Steve Hemingsworth

The cover of 6 Days

6 Days is Steve Hemingsworth’s contemporary new horror novel.

The plot of 6 Days surrounds a rich couple pushed into a surreal experience.

John and Jennifer Reyner are successful business owners about to face a spiritual crisis when Jennifer is possessed by a powerful and ancient demon. After exhausting all options and feeling desperate, they seek the guidance of Father Jacobi. He is an experienced priest who enlists his new mentor to reclaim Jennifer’s life as it hangs in the balance.

Can Father Jacobi and his mentor stop the powerful creature that has possessed her and won’t let her go? And if they can, at what cost?

Author Steve Hemingsworth

Steve Hemingsworth

6 Days is one of those novels you don’t want to put down until you have read the very last word. It has everything a good horror story should have: a wealthy couple whose money can’t free them from the terror ruling their lives, demonic possession, an exorcist, abduction, a detective to come to the rescue and loads of paranormal activity.  It will have you on the edge of your seat, engrossed in the journey of a small group of people who become more involved in each other’s lives than they ever thought they would.

If you love reading horror stories, you should not miss Steve Hemingworth’s novel, 6 Days.

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