Mobile Apps If you do not know what a mobile app is you must have been under a rock for the last few years. Ten years ago we were all very happy if we had a mobile phone and we could make or receive a phone call and send a text message. Then came 3G and we could connect to Facebook and read our e-mails on our mobile phones. The next thing everyone just had to have was a smartphone. Names like Apple and Blackberry suddenly had nothing to do with fruit. Suddenly you could use your Blackberry to bbm (black-berry-message) all your other friends who also owned Blackberries.

Then came the mobile applications. It was not long before people checked their weather, e-mail and Facebook profiles. But that was barely the beginning. Soon online books and magazines, i-Tunes and even online shopping was within reach from the screen of whatever smartphone you owned. It became like a snowball effect. Now you can barely switch on the television or listen to a radio broadcast without being bombarded with advertisements for mobile applications for just about everything under the sun. Has mobile apps taken over our lives? Have a look at the following:

How Mobile Apps are Invading Your Privacy Infographic by Veracode Application Security  ]]>

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