When you become a knowledgeable and recognized authority in your niche, it’s common that you will be asked to speak in public on the subject you are known for. In this way public speaking can be a helpful tool in your branding kit. In fact, when others see you as an expert authority in your niche, they often assume that you must be knowledgeable in other areas as well.public speaking

Think of someone like Richard Branson. Although his niche is entrepreneurship, he has been asked to speak on subjects as wide as property investment and world peace. There is no proof that he is a leader when it comes to world peace – he never involved himself with politics, religion and the like – but as a leader in business, he received an award from the Business for Peace Foundation and is now part of a group of independent global leaders working for peace and human rights called The Elders. Gone is the time when he was purely seen as a good businessman; Sir Richard Branson is seen as an authority on many more subjects than entrepreneurship. He has become much more than just Virgin, he has become a brand in his own right.

As an expert authority in your niche you will at some point be approached to speak. You obviously know your subject matter so that won’t be a problem. But having the knowledge is not enough to engage your audience and turn you into someone they will eagerly listen to. Whether on a ‘faceless’ platform such as a podcast or on stage at an event, you need to have the tools to make yourself heard and understood.

Once your credibility within your niche grows, you will find that you are asked to speak to groups (sometimes very big groups!) on the topic. This is where the catch comes in – by branding yourself as an authority in your niche you will find that you are asked to speak on a much wider range of subjects. You need to be as effective a public speaker as you are an expert in your industry.

Dealing with a Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking has been listed many times as the number one fear for most human beings. From the time that we make short speeches in class to making a speech at your wedding, public speaking can be grueling if you are not used to it or at least have proper training.

The most effective way of overcoming this fear is training and practice.

Training for Public Speaking

It doesn’t matter how inept you feel at voicing your opinion in front of a crowd, the good news is that you are able to learn specific techniques and strategies that will make you get on that stage and speak like you have been born to be there. Many speakers tell of their fear and nerves the first time they had to make a speech. However, after learning the basics and a little practice, anyone can be a professional, effective public speaker.

Learning how to become an effective public speaker can mean the difference between success and failure for your brand.

Getting Paid to be a Public Speaker

Of course you are earning money as an expert authority in your area of expertise, aren’t you? And when you speak in public at events and conferences, you have the right to charge a fee. Just as you charge for your book or ebook, you are able to charge for any public speaking you are hired to do.

Public Speaking as a Branding Tool

Ultimately, becoming a public speaker can be one of the most effective tools in your toolbox to help with your branding. Whether it’s personal branding or branding for your business, effective public speaking will not only help to establish you as an expert authority, it will help expand your brand to become a household name.