vendetta, Jennifer Moulton

Book: Vendetta

Author: Jennifer Moulton

Genre: Crime / Thriller / Mystery

vendetta, Jennifer MoultonVinny is the cop that didn’t die.

Alice is the sister that he couldn’t save.

After testifying in the trial that convicted a notorious mob member in the murder of his beloved sister, Vinny and his young daughter Lily enter the Witness Protection Program. Leaving their hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey, they assume their new identities in Boise, Idaho. Police officer Vinny, becomes Mark Anderson, the overprotective single father and manager of Angelo’s Italian Restaurant.

Thirteen years later, tragic circumstances suddenly thrust Mark into a world of deception and paranoia. Motivated by his suspicion of murder, Mark hires a sympathetic homicide detective, to help track down the killer. As the investigation unfolds, they get closer to the deadly truth, but Mark discovers painful secrets and personal betrayals causing him to question everyone and everything in his safe new life. Consumed by vengeance, Mark is determined to bring justice to his disgraced family.

Soon, Detective Williams’s Captain interferes with the progress of the case. Tensions mount as the window of opportunity shrinks for Mark to get the evidence needed to ensure that those responsible in his family’s suffering won’t get away with it, again. Mark shuts down emotionally, as his behavior turns vigilante. This creates an internal struggle within him to keep from becoming the very evil he swore an oath to fight.

Jennifer Moulton author

Jennifer Moulton, author of Vendetta

Julie is the estranged wife of a coworker, who becomes a light in Marks dark world.

Dom is the owner of Angelo’s restaurant, Mark’s loyal friend and trusted partner.

When the secrets of Mark’s past finally catch up to his tumultuous present, the two worlds collide with thrilling velocity that pulls it all together into a realm where nothing is what it seems. Mark’s story makes you an eye witness in this deadly lesson of family and loyalty.

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Vendetta — 1 Comment

  1. From the moment that Vinny becomes Mark, this book had me by the scruff of the neck. I loved the fast pace with which the story is told. No long, boring droning on about nothing.
    There were so many plot twists and I never knew what was coming next. But the biggest surprise for me was when it evolved to include a love story. I got my suspense and drama, to then be surprised by romance too.
    I’ll stop there because I don’t want to give away any of the surprise. You need to read it for yourself! The suspense is worth it!
    I give it a solid four and a half out of five.