e-readerIt all started with Oprah. One day she came out of her dressing room and announced: “It is a Kindle and everybody is getting one!” And we haven’t looked back since.

Most people who have an e-reader say they will never go back to reading ordinary books again. But why is this? We have spoken to the new owner of an e-reader and this is what he had to say:

It is big enough to easily read from, yet it is light enough to comfortably hold in your one hand.

There are many brand names on the market now. Kindle was the frontrunner on e-readers but now Sony and other manufacturers have decided to get on the bandwagon and bring reading into the digital age.

Online books are more readily available than the printed variety and usually a lot cheaper. If you are environmentally conscious you would also not even consider buying printed books anymore, since who knows how many forests have to be cut down only so we can hold a brand new book in our hands. A normal e-reader (without an additional memory card being inserted!) can hold an average of about 1500 books. Just think how much space in your bookcase that would take up!

The battery life for normal use is more than 100 hours when fully charged.

Because the font size on most e-readers can be adjusted so each sentence can be read with one look, the eye muscles do not have to work as hard as is the case with most books. The e-reader also does not make your eyes as tired as normal books since the glare, etc can all be set for a comfortable read.

Another great feature of most e-readers is that it comes loaded with two ready-to-use dictionaries. You just press your finger over a word you do not understand and the meaning is immediately given. By using wi-fi to go online, your reader will even take you to the Wikipedia page of a word when you press on it.Girl reading e-reader

Being one of those people who read numerous books at a time, the e-reader also has a function where it will remember exactly which page you were reading in every book. So no more losing your place and having to spend half an hour trying to find where you have been.

Those in the know already say that the e-reader will soon be engulfed by tablets like the iPad. With the correct programs the Samsung Galaxy Tab can read all formats of the e-book that is currently available.

The advantages of having a Tablet are almost too many to mention. But it also has a few disadvantages when compared to an e-reader:

  1. The tablet is more expensive and weighs more.
  2. The e-reader is less strenuous on the eyes of the reader.
  3. People reading e-books on a tablet complain that their concentration is often broken by functions of the tablet, like a signal to alert them of incoming messages, etc.
Whether you believe the Tablet to be the e-reader of the future, you will only use an e-reader or still insist on having the feel of pages and ink between your fingers, one thing is for sure: Reading is still one of the favorite hobbies people occupy themselves with.

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