Checkmate by author Peter Maurits

Book: Checkmate

Author: Peter Maurits

Genre: Suspense

Checkmate by author Peter Maurits

Checkmate by Peter Maurits is a suspense thriller that will keep you reading to the last word.

Nick Springer is a young banker, a real go-getter who is hell bent on climbing the corporate ladder. Becoming very rich is his main goal in life.

Nick’s ambition gets a boost when the boss, Sir James Francis, using a partnership in the bank as lure, entices him into becoming engaged to his daughter Lorna.

However, there is a catch. Before Nick can marry Lorna, he must make a trip to Mumbai, India, to clean up a corrupt branch of the bank.

Once in India, Nick is enthralled by the mystery that surrounds Indian culture. The girl appointed to be his guide while he is in India, the beautiful Alisha, catches his eye. But Alisha is troubled by the burden of the past. 

Sharma, the branch manager at the bank, is devious and cunning. Nick soon realizes there is much more to the trip to India than Sir James anticipated.

Both Sharma and Alisha have separate yet intertwining agendas relating to Sir James. These have nothing to do with money. Long ago, two men loved the same woman. When one callously sent her to be judged by Islam Sharia law, costing her her life, the other vowed revenge.

The time for that revenge has finally come.

Nick is now nothing but a pawn, surrounded by hounds who worship the gods of greed and reprisal at any cost, even the betrayal of love and life.

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