The Coming of Anna by Leilani Rinder

Book: The Coming of Anna

Author: Leilani Rinder

Genre: Erotica

The Coming of AnnaAnna is a forty-something divorced woman who is going through the ups and downs of dating. She finds the road to love difficult and full of obstacles. 

After being in a cold, abusive marriage, Anna finds it hard to trust again.  She starts dating but finds herself to be cold and unresponsive to the sexual advances of men.

When she finds out a terrible secret about her ex-husband that can end her life, her life is thrown into turmoil and sees her making some difficult decisions. During this time of upheaval she enters a relationship with another man who hurts her in more ways than one.

She meets Thomas in an unorthodox way and at a time when the last thing on her mind is having a relationship with another man. Can she break through the barrier he has built around his heart? And will Thomas break through the barrier around hers? Will Anna be able to forget her own past hurt and start enjoying the pleasures their bodies have to offer each other?

In a story filled with love, lust, suspense and even murder, we get to know Anna and learn to identify with her.

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